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IMSO is also responsible for ensuring the performance of the LRIT system, which is developed jointly by IMO and IMSO. Both systems are heavily dependent on availability of robust, resilient and reliable mobile satellite communication systems.

IMSO has today evolved noticeably from the days when 26 Governments gathered together at a diplomatic conference in 1976 to adopt the international Convention on the establishment of the International Maritime Satellite Organisation at the old IMO Headquarters in Piccadilly. Their vision and ultimate objective was to remove limits at sea for seafarers and give them access to the satellite-based communication technologies to enhance safety of life at sea and to prosper the shipping industry.

Our vision and aim have not changed since those days, but we have now grown into a large Organization with a membership of 104 States. One of our objectives is to keep growing, and we actively work on enlarging the membership of the Organization, as we strive to increase public safety across the world.

In 2014, I was honoured to be elected Director-General by the 23rd session of the IMSO Assembly and grateful to be able to lead this organisation to further improve public safety. I am also pleased to announce my recent re-election and re-appointment for an additional term of 4 years, as decided by the 25th Assembly of IMSO in October 2018.

The Website

The Public Area gives direct access to the Convention on the establishment of the Organization and other basic IMSO documents, related GMDSS and LRIT documentation, and the latest news on the activities of IMSO.

The Members Area – which is restricted to official delegates and observers and requires registration - also provides meeting documents, correspondence and electronic meeting registration.

Full information is also provided for any Government which is considering joining the Organization. Enjoy browsing the IMSO website, and do not hesitate to liaise with us in relation to any matter of interest.

Moin Ahmed
Director General