Seventh Intergovernmental Satellite Organisation Tripartite Meeting

The Seventh Tripartite Meeting of the Heads of the European Telecommunications Satellite Organization (EUTELSAT IGO), the International Mobile Satellite Organization (IMSO) and the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO), took place on 20 October 2015 in Paris, France. Hosted by Mr Christian Roisse, Executive Secretary of EUTELSAT IGO, the meeting was attended by Mr Jose Toscano, ITSO Director General and CEO and Captain Moin Ahmed, IMSO Director General.

Previous meetings have taken place yearly since January 2008, hosted in turn by each organisation. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the organisations in 2009, in which it was agreed inter alia that they would explore areas where the three organisations could usefully co-operate, save resources and contribute to the development of the satellite industry.

Issues of common interest were discussed, related to their supervisory role and the activities of the companies each organisation oversees, respectively Eutelsat S.A., Inmarsat Ltd. and Intelsat Ltd. Mr Michel Azibert, Deputy CEO of Eutelsat S.A. was invited by the Executive Secretary of EUTELSAT IGO to make a presentation of the company’s activities, its views on the role of the intergovernmental satellite organisations and to provide an overview of the current market situation and its prospective evolution. Mr Azibert paid tribute to the relationship which existed between EUTELSAT IGO and Eutelsat S.A. and expressed his pride in the role that EUTELSAT IGO played in preserving the Organisation’s legacy in a fair and efficient manner and that such resources are kept out of harm’s way.

The Heads of the three organisations reviewed developments since their last meeting, in particular in relation to their role in the activities of the International Telecommunications Union regarding the regulatory regime applicable to satellite and the preparatory process for WRC-15 & WRC-19 and in raising awareness of satellite as a tool for digital inclusion. They also discussed the co-operation between their organisations in supporting the activities of other intergovernmental organisations and private stakeholders within the satellite sector.

At the conclusion of their discussions, the Heads of the three organisations signed a Joint Declaration on the importance of satellite technology for sustainable development and disaster management.

It was agreed that the Heads of the three organisations would continue to meet on an annual basis, and, under the terms of the MoU, to explore areas where they might usefully co-ordinate their activities.

José Toscano, Director General and CEO of ITSO, Christian Roisse, Executive Secretary of EUTELSAT IGO and Moin Ahmed, Director General of IMSO

EUTELSAT IGO (The European Telecommunications Satellites Organization) is an Intergovernmental Organization established by an International Treaty. After a period (1985-2001) during which the Organization had operational activities in outer space to the level where it became one of the leading world satellite operators, the organisation was transformed and its operational activities, assets and related liabilities were transferred to the company Eutelsat S.A., operating under French law. Since 2001, EUTELSAT IGO, based in Paris, France and comprising 49 Member States, has a twofold role in maintaining the rights to use radiofrequencies and orbital locations which were assigned collectively to the Member States by the ITU before restructuring and monitors the operations of the company Eutelsat S.A., in particular to ensure that the Basic Principles defined in the Treaty are observed. For more information, visit

About IMSO:
IMSO (The International Mobile Satellite Organization) is the intergovernmental organisation which oversees certain public satellite safety and security communication services provided via the Inmarsat satellites and also co-ordinates the Long Range Identification and Tracking of ships (LRIT). IMSO is established under the provisions of the Convention on the International Mobile Satellite Organization which also defines the public services, such as satellite services for the Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS), which is subject to international oversight. Headquartered in London, UK, IMSO currently has 100 Member States. For more information, visit

About ITSO:
ITSO (International Telecommunications Satellite Organization) is an Intergovernmental Organization with the mission to ensure that Intelsat, Ltd. provides public telecommunications services, including voice, data and video, on a global and non-discriminatory basis. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., U.S.A. ITSO currently has 149 Member States. For more information, visit