Bahamas High Commissioner Visits IMSO

The Director General of IMSO Captain Moin Ahmed warmly welcomed His Excellency, Mr. Eldred E. Bethel, High Commissioner of Bahamas to the United Kingdom at the IMSO headquarters today. During his visit, the Director General focused on IMSO’s future business plan with respect to the oversight functions regarding some of the public satellite safety and security services by mobile satellite communication systems. In particular Inmarsat, the coordination of the Long-Range Identification and Tracking of Ships (LRIT) System worldwide, and its participation with other international organisations that are involved in mobile and maritime communication matters.

The Director General presenting the IMSO crest to the High Commissioner, His excellency Mr. Eldred E. Bethel

The opportunity was taken to visit Inmarsat’s satellite control centre to gain a greater understanding surrounding networks management and control.

The Bahamas delegation also visited the Inmarsat Satellite Network Operation Centre

Both the High Commissioner of Bahamas and IMSO Director General have looked forward to working very closely together and were very enthusiastic about the continued cooperation. Discussions have been held to promote such cooperation. Issues concerning matters of common interest within the field of satellite communications, as well as the evolution of maritime communication services, were present at the table. Both agreed that such visits prove a useful forum for exploring issues of mutual co-operation between the Member State and the Organization.

The High Commissioner was impressed by the perspectives and approaches taken by of IMSO in serving matters of maritime safety and is looking forward to support the Director General for his determinations to take IMSO at the next stage of commitment and excellence.