IMSO Welcomes the Distinguished Delegation from the Republic of Angola

Today, the Director General of IMSO Captain Moin Ahmed welcomed the delegation from the Republic of Angola, led by Mrs. Rosa Sobrinho. Mrs. Sobrinho attended the meeting in person, with the rest of the Republic of Angola’s delegation attending remotely. This meant that despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic the Republic of Angola delegation were still able to attend the meeting and gain a better understanding of IMSO’s role on the international stage.

IMSO Technical Officer Mr. Pier Taranti gave a presentation to the delegation on the Organization’s role as a global oversight body of certain satellite communications systems used for safety and security, and as the global Coordinator for the Long-Range Identification and Tracking of Ships (LRIT) system. The intention of this visit was to further the Republic of Angola’s knowledge of IMSO and how the Organization can benefit Angola if it were to become a Member State. The Republic of Angola has recently attended IMSO’s 26th and 27th Assemblies as Observers, gaining a familiarity with the methods of work of the Organization and the issues that are tackled by IMSO.

After the presentation, the Director General made special mention to the importance of LRIT implementation by Angola, as well as audit fees being the lowest ever. It is therefore, expected that this reduction in fees will help to reduce the financial burden of LRIT on states such as the Republic of Angola. Becoming part of the LRIT system would give the Republic of Angola access to core safety and security measures off their coastline and beyond, and further help strengthen the system.

Although the Republic of Angola is not yet a member of IMSO, there has been a positive and ongoing relationship between the Organization and the esteemed Republic of Angola. Going forward, IMSO hopes that the Republic of Angola will become a member of the Organization, join the LRIT system and looks forward to collaborating further in the future.

IMSO Director General Captain Moin Ahmed (left) presents the Director General of Angolan Maritime Administration Mrs. Rosa Sobrinho (right) with a commemorative shield.