Obituary – Mr. Andy Fuller



It is with deep sadness the Director General of IMSO informs that the Organization’s former Deputy Director General Mr. Andrew Clement Fuller passed away on 25th April 2020, aged 70, after contracting coronavirus.

Mr. Fuller was a key member of the Organization for many years and his commitment to working towards safety of navigation and communication was eminent throughout his career, serving as an inspiration for many others in the field. He had been a well-known figure in the maritime world, in particular within the IMO and IMSO arena. He started his career in the British Royal Navy in 1967 and served for ten years at sea as a hydrographic surveyor and commanded a Royal Navy ship.  In 1977, he joined the civilian staff at the UK Hydrographic Office to work on maritime safety information and navigational warning broadcasts.  He led the development and international implementation of NAVTEX and the International SafetyNET Service. His contributions to navigation were recognised in 1992 as he was elected into the Royal Institute for Navigation.

In 1993, Mr. Fuller joined the International Mobile Satellite Organization (Inmarsat) – which was an intergovernmental organization (IGO) at that time, prior to privatisation – and worked on the development of the SafetyNET service before becoming Manager of the Maritime and Maritime Safety Services Departments.

Mr. Fuller left Inmarsat IGO at the time of privatisation in March 1999 to lead a new company, Marineworks Ltd, offering high level policy and operational consultancy services throughout the world in the fields of maritime communications, navigation and safety.

In late 1999, he was offered the position of Head of Technical Services for the International Mobile Satellite Organization (IMSO), in order to oversee the public services provided by the newly established company Inmarsat.  In that position, he played a leading role in the evolution of IMSO and the principles for the provision of satellite-based safety communications for ships and aircraft worldwide.  He also led the development and implementation of the auditing functions for the IMO Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) project after which he was appointed Deputy Director General of IMSO in 2008.

In recognition of his key role in the development of mobile satellite service (MSS) based safety services, he received the “MSUA Pioneer Award” from the Mobile Satellite Users Association in 2013.

Following his retirement, in August 2014, the IMSO Assembly at its twenty-third session, taking into account his extensive service to advance and promote the work of the Organization, adopted Resolution A.003(23) to put on record its deep gratitude and sincere appreciation to Mr. Fuller for his professionalism, dedication and contribution to furthering the capability, aims and objectives of the Organization.

Even during his retirement, Mr. Fuller also worked as the Special Advisor to the Director General for the assessment of the Iridium Satellite System for GMDSS recognition.

Mr. Fuller’s loss will be felt heavily by all at IMSO and by the wider maritime community, but his legacy will remain ever-present with the Organization. Our thoughts are with his family and friends during this painful time.

IMSO Directorate continues to work remotely

In light of the ongoing extraordinary circumstances of COVID-19 pandemic and following the advice from the World Health Organization and the UK Government, the IMSO Directorate is currently working remotely and remains committed to provide services with best possible effort and respond to all enquiries on a timely manner.

Staff members of the Organization are contactable via their usual email addresses and telephone numbers which can be found on IMSO website or following the link Please rest assured that all messages will be responded to at the earliest opportunity.

For further details, please refer to the IMSO Circular letter IMSO/2020/COVID-19/CL/001.

All cooperation and support will be acknowledged with appreciation.

11th Tripartite meeting of EUTELSAT IGO, IMSO and ITSO


The Eleventh Tripartite Meeting of the Heads of the European Telecommunications Satellite Organisation (EUTELSAT IGO), the International Mobile Satellite Organisation (IMSO) and the International Telecommunications Satellite Organisation (ITSO) took place at the IMSO Headquarters in London, United Kingdom, on 05 September 2019. The meeting was hosted by IMSO Director General, Captain Moin Ahmed and attended by Executive Secretary of EUTELSAT IGO Mr. Piotr Dmochowski-Lipski, Director General of ITSO, Mr. Patrick Masambu and Mr. John Shaw, Head of Operations and Capacity Building at IMSO. 

Previous meetings have taken place yearly since January 2008, hosted in turn by each organisation. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the three organisations in 2009, in which it was agreed that they would explore areas where the three organisations could usefully co-operate, save resources and contribute to the development of the satellite industry. 

The meeting began with the Head of each organization reviewing developments since their last meeting, in particular in relation to the activities of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) notably the preparatory process for WRC-19 and the agenda items requiring mutual consideration. Also discussed were any developments on raising awareness of satellite technologies as tools for digital inclusion. 

Mr. Masambu provided an update on ITSO preparations for its 39th Assembly of Parties including a focus on the future of the ITSO Agreement next year and beyond. Mr. Dmochowski-Lipski presented the outcomes of EUTELSATs 41st Assembly of Parties, held earlier this year including a tabled Cooperation Agreement with Intersputnik. In IMSO’s presentation Captain Moin Ahmed provided an update on satellite communication systems for distress, safety and tracking of ships, with particular focus on Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) and Long-Range Identification and Tracking of Ships (LRIT). 

Further to individual updates, issues of common interest were discussed, relating to the organisations supervisory roles and the activities of the companies each organisation oversees, respectively, Eutelsat S.A., Inmarsat Ltd., and Intelsat Ltd. Discussions expanded on collaborations that had been made by each respective organisation with the private and public sectors, notably in the areas of capacity-building. Further focus was placed on this issue, with the attendees agreeing to continue their commitment to capacity building initiatives related to effective use of satellite based telecommunications, reinforcement of partnerships and long term sustainability of satellite activities. 

They also discussed the co-operation required between their organisation in view of the current climate of rapid evolution in the satellite communication market environment. The meeting reached a consensus that the dissemination of information and sharing of best practices in use and development of satellite-based telecommunication services was imperative for the organisations.

At the conclusion of their discussions, the Heads of the three organisations signed a Joint Declaration to emphasise the importance of, inter alia, effective spectrum management and reliable service maintenance in nurturing the role of satellite technologies in safety, security and disaster management, sustainable development and bridging the digital divide. 

In addition, satellite service providers Iridium and Inmarsat each shared a presentation with the Heads of the organisations.

The next tripartite meeting will take place in Washington DC, United States of America at the invitation of ITSO, date to be confirmed at a later date.  

From right to left: Mr. Piotr Dmochowski-Lipski, Executive Secretary of EUTALSAT IGO; Captain Moin Ahmed, Director General of IMSO; and Mr. Patrick Masambu, Director General of ITSO meet at IMSO Headquarters in London for the Eleventh Tripartite Meeting between EUTELSAT, IMSO and ITSO.