Acting High Commissioner of the Commonwealth of Dominica to the United Kingdom Mrs. Janet Charles, Visits IMSO

Today the IMSO Director General Captain Moin Ahmed hosted a visit for the representatives from the UK High Commission of the Commonwealth of Dominica, led by the Acting High Commissioner Her Excellency Mrs. Janet Charles. The meeting was aimed at introducing IMSO’s role on distresses and safety communications and ship tracking, to the delegation and to discuss about Dominica’s membership to the Organization. The current implementation status of the country’s Long-Range Identification and Tracking of ships (LRIT) system.

IMSO Director General Captain Moin Ahmed (left), Her Excellency Mrs. Janet Charles, Acting High Commissioner of the Commonwealth of Dominica (middle) and Ms. Nakinda Daniel, 3rd Secretary (right) exchanging a commemorative shield during the visit.

During the meeting, a presentation was given to highlight the benefits of membership to IMSO and the role of the Organization as a global oversight body of distress and safety satellite communication services and regarding Organization’s role as the LRIT Coordinator. The meeting addressed in particular, the issues related to Commonwealth of Dominica’s implementation of LRIT. For the remainder of the presentation and visit, IMSO’s Director General discussed with the High Commissioner a solution to this issue. Furthermore, the SES agreement was also discussed regarding the Commonwealth of Dominica’s position given the upcoming SES Conference in 2022.

The meeting concluded with a very good understanding and with the High Commissioner’s assurance to the Director General that she would hold a conversation with her Government in order to quick progess on the matters addressed during her visit.