IMSO Welcomes the Distinguished Delegation from the Republic of Mauritius

Today, the Director General of IMSO Captain Moin Ahmed welcomed the delegation of the Republic of Mauritius, led by His Excellency Mr. Girish Nunkoo, High Commissioner of Mauritius, and Mr. U Goodur, Second Secretary of the High Commission, who attended the meeting.

Special mention was made to the 2008 Amendments to the IMSO Convention, whereby Mauritius was invited to accept them. The Director General mentioned that IMSO would look forward to knowing Mauritius’s attention on this matter and would be pleased to offer any information or assistance that the Government of Mauritius may require for accepting this instrument which has been provisionally applied pending their formal entry into force.

IMSO hopes that Mauritius will accept the invitation to the 2008 Amendments to the IMSO Convention and accede to the Amended Protocol and Privileges and Immunities. Moreover, IMSO looks forward to this opportunity to extend the cooperation between the Republic of Mauritius and the Organization with both parties reiterating their commitment to develop this relationship and working towards more collaboration in the future.

IMSO Director General Captain Moin Ahmed (left) and His Excellency Mr. Girish Nunkoo, High Commissioner of Mauritius exchanging a commemorative shield during the visit.